Sunday, February 24, 2008

TV Stars!

The four little grandkids were taken by their parents to the Rays (formerly Devil Rays) FanFest on Saturday. Son and Granddaughter and Grandson actually made it on the news! If you watch the video link, you will see them running the first base line right after a young boy in black takes a hit in the batting box. You'll hear "running the bases" at the same time as they appear.

See the kids and their dad.

It's just a second or so long, but it looks like they were having fun.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

One Happy Little Boy!

This is our 18 month old Grandson (well, almost -- next week).

He has turned out to be one happy kid! He laughs and giggles at almost anything. We picked him up from day care early on Friday so we could spend a couple hours with him. He's the one we see the least because he IS in day care. Anyway, he giggled when I showed him my love seat rocks. He giggled when I stacked the blocks up. He giggled when he knocked them down. He was running through the house and stopped and started laughing and pointing. I walked over to see what had amused him so much -- it was a night light and a safety plug on an electric socket. I guess he was taking that as a challenge! I took him outside to play and he was absolutely ecstatic over the bubbles I blew. He even figured out what you were supposed to do and he tried to do it himself (put the wand in the dish of bubble soap and shook it around). Then a cat ran by, and he ran after it giggling (and Nee Nee almost pulled her hamstring jumping up to stop him from crossing the road).

That's not to say he doesn't pout. Twice I told him he couldn't go out (he'd point to the door) and the waterworks were on! Oh, what a pitiful cry.

He knows where the cookie jar is (and says "cookie") and he loves to look at belly buttons and is willing to show his off anytime you'd like! This week, he learned to say "boo-boo" after he fell down and scraped his knee at the park (Dad was on patrol!)

It's so nice to see him like this. I just hope it stays that way. However, only six more months until the TERRIBLE TWOs!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kids say the darndest things!

You probably remember the old Art Linkletter show where he would talk to children and get them to say things that were so funny because of the context. I remember one of my favorites (which I read about, but did not see) was when one kid told him that he was bursting to tell a secret. Art asked him what, and the kid said, "My parents are getting married next week!" That probably blew everyone away at that time!

Anyway, because my older two grandkids are quite verbal now, especially Granddaughter, I thought I would share a few bon mots as they come around. These entries will probably be short and I may add other tidbits. But I wish I had recorded all the cute things my children said as they were growing up. I got a few in their baby books and they still manage to get laughs all these years later!

First entry: We took the two older ones home on Wed. after gymnastics and an afternoon with us. Granddaughter ran into the back room, then stopped short. She turned around and said, "Good job, Mommy!" just like you would say to a child who'd done something you were proud of. I peeked around the corner, and found out my daughter-in-law had thoroughly cleaned up the play area. I guess it must have stunned my granddaughter! LOL

Second entry: A few days before that, I was sharing with my son the fact that Granddaughter had begun kicking me when I was changing her the other day. He said in his most disapproving voice, "Sissy! We don't kick people. We don't kick Nee Nee, we don't kick Boppa, we don't kick anyone." She broke in, "But Daddy. Listen! I didn't kick Boppa. I only kicked Nee Nee!" Now we have a lawyer in our midst!

Third entry: This isn't really about what he said, but what he did. My grandson still has some problems with articulation of certain sounds. It's probably stemmed from having to work around swollen adenoids for the first 2 1/2 years of his life. Anyway, I was having a difficult time understanding what he was asking for one afternoon. Finally he turned to me, and made a gulping sound and held his hands up around his mouth. He was asking for a drink! I thought it was so clever of him to be able to find an alternative to get his message across.

Smart kids.

By the way, the youngest one (in the Yankee hat) has his first tooth break through this week! Yay! (ouch!)

State Fair


I've been neglectful in recording my grandchildren's growth in this blog! Life has been extremely busy since I took on graduate school. It seems when I have extra time on the computer, it's to do my assignments for that. But I haven't been neglectful of my grandmotherly duties!

Last weekend, we went with three grandchildren, my daughter and her husband to the state fair. It was the one-year old's first trip. A trip to the zoo the previous week had been a bomb. My daughter said it most likely because he was sick.

But this time, he seemed to enjoy all the animals. I heard my daughter at one time say, "This is cool." We bought food for the grandkids to feed the animals. Mostly the goats were interested. They got to touch the horn of a watusi (cattle) and the fur of an angora goat. They felt the fur of a rabbit (for a milisecond!) and heard the raucous crowing of an unhappy rooster (the older two threw their hands over their ears). This year, there were very few cows. I guess they'd already been judged and taken home. We also heard the neighing of a very ANGRY horse, which scared all the kids (and I wasn't exactly thrilled to hear, either).

Serendipty struck, too! As lunchtime drew near, we found a table on the outside of an eating area that could seat most of us. Two sat with the kids, while the other two got food. Just as we sat to eat, the parade came by! Because we were on the outside, we had a front row seat. The oldest two were thrilled, waving at everyone who came by. Granddaughter even got a promotional frisbee!

As we were leaving, who should we run into but my sister and her husband! Talk about serendipity! A multi-day, well-attended event and we run into relatives! The kids were so excited to share their day with the great aunt and uncle.

We ended up eating strawberry shortcake before we left. Unfortunately, the grandkids decided they didn't want any. But they'd had a share of other stuff, so they weren't really hungry.

All in all it was a fun time.