Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Time

This is our sixth Christmas with grandchildren, starting in 2004. Granddaughter was 9 months old then and was lavished with gifts. 2005 saw the addition of her brother, also 9 months old (Irish twins). I have a wonderful photo of him looking impishly at her, about to pull her hair. In 2006, we had an almost 4 month old grandson join us -- one with the biggest smile and laugh! In 2007, our little blonde cherub joined his cousins. Last year, thing held stable, and now this year, we have a 10 month old angelic baby girl. Add to this our bonus three boys, and you can see that Nee Nee has been busy looking for gifts this month.
Here is our 10 month old taking her first "Candy Cane Lane" walk -- the second year for the family gathering, although we've been visiting Candy Cane Lane individually for years.
Here is our two year old with his dad and big brother, also on our Candy Cane Lane walk.
This 3 and 4 year old grandsons are enjoying our annual Christmas parade viewing.
Here's the stroller walk and almost the entire family. Only one grandson is missing, plus Great Grandpa.
Shall we start a new tradition? We took the 4 and 5 year old for two nights to Orlando to visit Disney Village and Sea World. This picture was taken in the Polar Express exhibit -- a seasonal display of the polar animals they have (polar bear, walrus, and beluga whale).