Saturday, March 06, 2010

Play Ball!

It's that time of year again! Spring time t-ball. Today was the opening day. Unfortunately the 3 year old decided he didn't want to play ... after Mom and Dad had signed him up and had him go to a practice. He freaked out at getting his picture taken! So we will be waiting another year for him to take his at bats.

The 4 year old (who will be five tomorrow) played in his first coach pitched game. Unfortunately, his coach can't pitch ... or coach. Fortunately, his dad is a volunteer and works really well with the kids. So when Son took over the pitching in the 3rd or 4th inning, a few kids got hits, including Grandson. In fact ... he made it all the way to third base (on 2 more hits) before the team made its third out. UNFORTUNATELY the other team knew how to hit ... they had to call the mercy rule on them. I hope it proves to be a learning year for Grandson. He seems to have a natural ability.

Granddaughter chose not to play this year. She spent most of the time playing with friends from school. Boppa and I spent much of our time chasing the little one year old around. At one point, I had to pick her up to get her away from some dirt ... and she promptly bit me on the forearm! I have the bite mark to prove it! L'il monster! LOL.

Well, next year, all the grandsons should be able to play. Youngest grandson will be 3. His daddy will be very disappointed if he doesn't play.

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