Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas lights

Every year the family meets at my parents' home and walks to a nearby neighborhood called Candy Cane Lane. Almost every house is lit up with festive holiday lights. After we walked around this year, we came back to the great-grandparents and had hot chocolate and monkey bread (cinnamon pull bread).

Bug and Washy have a few moments together.

Tank loves Thomas the Tank engine.

Washy shares the wagon with J.T.

This house went all out!

It takes a village to move the wagon!

J.T. and Tater crack each other up.

The lights are too much for Bug.

Diddles stands next to JT's best friend.

J.T. sticks close to his mom.

Christmas Parade

Diddles and Tater are in the local Christmas parade with their dance studio!


Thursday, December 08, 2011

Update! December 8, 2011

The more grandchildren you have, the less time you have to write about them! But there is so much to say!

This is the oldest -- Diddles. As you can see, she has lost a tooth ... the first of many. It really lets you know that time is passing quickly! Diddles is in second grade. She is taking 3 dance classes a week -- tap, ballet, and jazz. She is really into Justin Bieber right now.

This is Tater -- second oldest and 51 weeks younger than his sister, Diddles. Tater, a first grader, is quite an athlete. He played coach pitched baseball this fall, plus takes gymnastics once a week. He can even do a one-handed cartwheel now. On top of that, he is taking jazz with his sister. His teacher says he is very good. You should see him do a split! Ouch!

This is JT. JT has quite a bit of artistic ability. He loves to draw and gets very upset when it doesn't come out just the way he wants it. He played t-ball this fall and had a good season. He is in kindergarten and is learning to read (and loves it!)

This is our Tank! Tank barrels through life. We won't call him a quiet child, but he is quick with a smile and he comes up with some really funny observations. He, too, played t-ball this year. He wanted to play it all! He is still a Thomas the Tank Engine fan and has hundreds of dollars of Thomas trains and sets. He has quite an imagination!

What can we say about Washy, our "prodigy"? She is two years old and in day care right now. I cannot believe the extent of her vocabulary and her speaking skills. But sometimes she gets a little mixed up. She was sitting on the toilet one day when her brother came by and asked, "What are you doing?" She paused for a moment, then yelled out "ALOHA!" I think she was searching for the word "occupied"! She is taking gymnastics, too, but it's sometimes hard to concentrate for the entire 45 minutes!

This is our baby, "Bug." She just turned one in October. She is not a snuggler ... preferring to be left to her own devices. She definitely knows her own mind. The other day her Boppa stretched his arms out to her and asked her if she wanted him to pick her up. She stared at him, then vehemently shook her head "NO!" Every time he tried to approach her, she did the same thing. It was too funny.

Well, we shortly will be celebrating Christmas with our brood! So here are photos of the last two holidays.