Sunday, May 04, 2008

Lowered ears

See my princess with her first haircut? She looks so cute and so much older! Her daddy called me Tuesday and, with a catch in his throat, told me that his wife had taken Granddaughter to get her first hair cut. Her hair was long enough that they donated it to Locks of Love. When she came over Wednesday, she told me that she gave her hair to a little girl who was sick and didn't have any hair. Her mommy also had her hair cut and donated. And of course, Grandson had his hair cut, too. They are both so cute.

Poor babies, though. They got sick Friday and still aren't feeling well. Either a stomach virus or tainted food. It's only the two of them so it could be food, although Mommy can't imagine what. They came to a picnic today (celebrating a mutual friend's graduation from a doctoral program) and they punied around the whole time. Not the usual whirlwinds. They both kept putting their heads down and wanted to be held. Grandson even lay down in the stroller, with his long legs stuck across the front seat (double stroller). I sure hope they are over the worst of it.