Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy Anniversary.

Three years ago today I became a grandmother. Where was I? Sitting in a motel room in Greensboro, N.C. waiting to go to a basketball game. See, Granddaughter was supposed to come via C-section on March 15 and I was planning on flying home the evening of the 14th. But noooooooo! The phone rang around 7 a.m. and I said, "No, no no no!" but when I answered, my daughter told me her sister-in-law was at the hospital and the baby would be born shortly. A little while later, my son called and told me I had a brand new granddaughter.

Of course, we went up to the hospital the next day and I got to hold her. She opened her little eyes and someone took a great picture of the two of us gazing at each other.

Whenever we greet one another, now, Granddaughter holds my face in her hands and searches my face for ... something. I don't know what. But I know she's seeing a lot of love there.

I don't want to neglect mentioning that my grandson turned 2 a week ago. The two of them are Irish twins! They had a party together this year, and got WAY too much stuff. In fact, Grandson got bored opening his presents (He'd rather run around and chase balls) so Mamma ended up opening a lot of his stuff.