Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Progressive Christmas

Our little elves are above. We got one shot at this, that's all.

Our families play "progressive" Christmas each year. They keep adding stops.

First, each family wakes up and opens their gifts from each other. Then my oldest two traveled to their little sister's house and had gift opening with the aunts and uncles and cousins. Then one step grandson had to go to his dad's house. Then they all (minus the stepgrandsons), came over here. I made our traditional breakfast (eggs goldenrod, dubbed "moon eggs" by my brother when he was little), along with sweet breads, hashbrowns and juice. We opened gifts, then they all left to go to their dad's house (just up the road), where they met with their half sisters, their dad, and where the stepgrandson was deposited by his father. Then my two girls went home to finish cooking and to let the little ones take naps. My son (who lives about 10 miles away), went to my mom's and crashed there. I took a nap, then finished fixing the food I was taking. Then another stepgrandson was picked up by my youngest daughter and her husband, and brought over to my mom's. Then the other daughter showed up. My brother was there briefly, but left. My sister and her husband were already there. After we ate, we opened more gifts. Then my younger brother came with his wife and three girls, so we opened more presents!

We went home a little early, but the kids stayed and played cards.

I tell you, it's tough with stepfamilies, older parents, and little babies. Thank goodness everyone pretty much gets along.

Merry Christmas

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Monday, December 24, 2007

A first

Our baby -- the 4 month old -- turned over for the first time today. We were watching him for Mommy and Daddy because their sitter was unable to watch him this week (her own children are home from school). I had lain him on his back on a sleeping bag on the floor so I could go fix his bottle. When I turned back around, there he was on his tummy with a surprised look on his face. I called to his Boppa to take a look! We both stood there and marvelled. Then I emailed his mommy to see if he'd done it for her before. She said, no, but she'd been "practicing" with him by helping him. Anyway, it is past 4:30 P.M. and he has not done it again. But we shall always remember Christmas Eve, 2007!

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