Sunday, September 28, 2008


This little one hasn't been feeling good all week. His tummy has been upset, he's got a bad diaper rash as a result, and his molars are trying to come through. Then he caught a cold.

So Mommy and Daddy spent the night up and down with him. He slept 3-4 hours, then began waking every 20-30 minutes just screaming. Nothing made him happy.

Around 11:30, he began screaming and Mommy noticed he was extremely hot. She lay him on the bed to give him Motrin ... then all of a sudden he went into a seizure. His eyes rolled back in his head, he started shaking and turning blue. Luckily Daddy was there and he responded. He told Mommy to call 911, which she did, but she couldn't talk. All she could do was scream. Finally, Daddy had to strong arm her out of the room so that he could hear what the operator was telling him to do and answer questions. The paramedics were there immediately. Daddy had given him mouth to mouth and Baby was responding. They ambulanced him to the children's hospital in town.

In the meantime, Mommy called her sister, who was grocery shopping. Aunt left the grocery cart in the aisle and hustled her own son and husband to the car. She drove her hysterical sister to the hospital.

Of course, they are trying to contact me, and wouldn't you know ... I left my cell phone at home. I was at a study session with a friend. When I got home, Husband told me to call Son-in-Law who told me what happened. Boppa and I drove down and got in to see him. While we were there, he woke up and cried, but was able to be soothed. The doctor came in and said his blood tests were fine -- no elevated white cell counts and they were discharging him. We took Aunt home.

Later that evening, we went over to my mother, who was hosting her usual Sunday evening dinner for everyone. Sure enough, the baby was there and feeling fine. In fact, he was going around mooching food from everyone.

Daughter (baby's mom) said she didn't know that fever could trigger a seizure. She thought he was dying. Now I understand the hysterics. I told her that both her uncle and I had suffered seizures from fevers as babies. Apparently it's a predisposition. He has a 30% chance of a recurrence until the age of six.

At least, next time she'll know what's going on. But it won't make it any easier if it does happen.

God blessed us with His intervention!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's ANOTHER girl!

Finally! The news we got today was that we will have another GRANDDAUGHTER in the family. Counting the three stepgrandsons (and I do!), I have six grandsons and only one granddaughter.

But Daughter In Law got her ultrasound today and was able to give me the good news. It's not that I wouldn't love a boy! Those grandsons of mine have definitely wound their Nee Nee around their fingers.

But this gives Granddaughter a sister! They will be five years apart, and it probably won't be until they get into their 20s that they'll actually become friends, but that's fine. That's when they need their sisters!

They have chosen the name April Renee -- April because it's an "A" name they can agree on, and Renee because aunts on both sides of the family have that as their middle names (although one is Rene').

She is due February 18. Daughter in law will have a more detailed test since she is 36 and they want to be able to tell if there are any problems they can circumvent or prepare for.

Guess I can look at ruffles and lace again!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mr.Smiley turns two

Grandchild #3 turned two on Aug. 31, but his party was Aug 30. This big smile was in response to everyone singing happy birthday to him. He loved it.

Boppa and I watched him in the morning so that Mommy and Daddy could set up his party. It was an Elmo theme. She had Elmo wall decorations, Elmo napkins, table cloth, cups, plates, and lots of Elmo dolls set up (that he already had). She even had his cake made to look like Elmo's head.

Grandson calls him "Mo-Mo."

Quite a few people were there, despite the stormy weather. Everything went well. He got quite a few more Elmo toys. I was more practical -- he got PJs, clothes, and a potty chair from me! I also got him an Elmo book about potty training!

It's so hard to believe that they are all growing so fast! I can't wait to finish this graduate course of study so I can get back to enjoying them more regularly!