Monday, December 22, 2008

A Visit From Santa

We heard something. It sounded like ... jingling bells. And did we catch the faint aroma of some sort of furry animal. And what was that thumping on the roof? We alerted the kids, who stood watching the front door. Then suddenly ...

"Ho Ho Ho!" Let the screaming begin!

We expected the one year old, to let loose. But the 2 year old ran for his Mommy, then sequestered himself below the table, well out of reach of this jolly old elf.

The surprise of the night was the 3 year old! He ran like the devil was after him down the hall. His daddy had to go retrieve him.

The only one who wasn't afraid was Granddaughter, who sat on his lap and requested a unicorn for Christmas. Hmmmm.

We made the big kids, the 14 and 12 year old, sit on his lap to show the little ones it wasn't scary. But it didn't work.

Finally the 3 year old allowed his daddy to carry him to Santa and he whispered in his ear that he wanted a football.

After a few photo ops, Santa left.

Granddaughter (all of 4 years old) turned to us and said, "Uncle Lenny dressed up like Santa." We tried to convince her that no, Uncle Lenny had gone home to walk his new dog. She was insistent, then finally stomped her foot and said, "You're all lying!" and ran out of the room.

When Uncle Lenny did show up, he showed her the picture of his new dog on his cell phone and made Granddaughter tell him all about Santa's visit.

But I don't think she bought it. You can pull the wig over Santa's eyes, but you can't pull the wool over hers!