Friday, August 31, 2007

Back to Reality

I'm back at work and have less time to see the grandbabies now. We have some regular time with the older two since we enrolled them in gymnastics on Thursday evenings. Their daddy gets off work early and goes in with the 2 year old. Some days it works; some days it doesn't. Daddy had to pull him out yesterday because he wasn't listening. Of course, it broke his heart because he wanted to bounce and roll and hang and swing and fall but Daddy told him if he doesn't listen to the teacher, he can't play. So after seeing his tear-streaked face and hearing his sobs, I walked over (Daddy was watching Granddaughter) and asked him, "Do you want a drink?" He looked up at me and sobbed, "But I no listen!" Cracked me up! I got him a Nehi Grape soda to share with Daddy and his sister (when she finished up).

Both are now in day care, but they don't really like it too much. Granddaughter is more accepting, but that's because she's more social. But both of them cry during the day that they want to see their mommy and daddy, and sometimes their Nee Nee and Boppa. So on Thursdays we pick them up earlier than need be just to give them a little reprieve. There's really nothing wrong with the center, but it's small and a bit confining for the two-year old. But the teachers seemed to have warmed up to them, esp. the grandson, who gets carried around a lot!

When school first started back up (for me), I didn't get to see them for almost a week. So when Granddaughter came running up to me, I scooped her up and said, "I've missed you!" and she hugged me back and said, "I miss you too!" That's worth it all!

They are saying and doing such cute things, but I always forget to write them down. Forget finding time to blog about them on a daily basis.

The next-to-youngest grandchild turns one TODAY! Last week he suffered through a viral infection that gave him an asthmatic condition and he had to have breathing therapy for a few days. Luckily, he seems much better. No wheezing. We are going over tonight with a small gift and a large check (for his investment fund). Yesterday, he started fussing when his uncle picked up his cousin (and his cousin was holding a cookie). He complained loudly then pointed to the cookie! Aha! So he's learning to make his wishes known.

The 4 week old's mommy is having a hard time with mommyhood. Things have always come so easily to her, and she's frustrated she's not the perfect Mom. Luckily, her hubby has an older child and has already gone through this, and so he is very supportive. The biggest problem is a tummy ache (similar to colic). They are switching formulas to see if it helps. We've babysat a couple times and he's slept almost the whole time!

Tomorrow starts our fall travel schedule so my time will be even more limited! I can't imagine what grandparents who don't live near their grandkids do!

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

He's here!

Grandchild #4 arrived on August 3, 2007. His mommy went into the hospital on Aug. 2 because of high blood pressure. They induced labor, but the baby was showing distress on each contraction, so they stopped the labor and took him by C-section the next day. Mommy and baby are doing fine! They are home with Daddy, recovering. Daddy will be home all week with them.

He is a very pretty baby and seems to be a good baby. On day two, he developed reflux (drinking too quickly, we suspect), and that caused some distress over the night. But during the day, he was quiet and slept. Hopefully, he'll settle down to a routine soon.

He was 7 lb.s, 14 oz., 21 1/4 inches long. He looks like he has blue eyes and dark blond hair. His feet are long and super skinny! Even Great Grandma remarked on that!

Granddaughter and Grandson #1 have not seen him yet. Grandson #2 was snuck up by his aunt and uncle.

Happy birthday, baby!

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