Tuesday, November 24, 2009

First collegiate football game

Even before the first grandchild was born, we were planning their first trip to our alma mater for their first collegiate football game. Their little two-year old cousin beat them to the stadium (last year and this year), but Granddaughter #1 and Grandson #1 finally made their first trip to a real college football game. Here is the story told in photos.

Ready for the game, decked out in their new game jerseys.

Boppa and Nee Nee with the kids in their fresh war paint.

In front of the statue "Unconquered" by the stadium.

Eating Dippin' Dots in team helmets.

Big fans of The Marching Chiefs of FSU. They even know the words to the fight song.

Granddaughter shows a momentary interest in the game.

Grandson was wiped out from all the excitement.

During the fourth quarter (a restless period), we took a walk down to the bottom of the stadium.

Excited that our team won!