Friday, September 28, 2007

First Steps

This is Grandchild #3 (Grandson #2) who will be 13 months old this week. Today, he took his first real steps for me! I was helping him around a corner by letting him hold my fingers. I gently released them and stepped back, and he took 3 steps. I think he was too mad at me to think about what he was doing.

When his momma came over about an hour later to pick him up, I pointed him towards her and let go ... and he took 2 steps to her. Later he took one step for us.

He's such a cute baby and so funny! I think he's going to be our clown!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Da Boys

When I signed up to take graduate classes, I expected to see my grandchildren less than I had been. But it hasn't turned out to be so! Thursdays seem to be "grandkids' day". Boppa watches the 1 year old (see him with birthday cake) every Thursday. Then we signed Granddaughter and Grandson #1 for gymnastics on Thursday evenings; and for the past couple week, we've been watching Grandson #3 so Mommy can have a break. At 8:00 I sign online for my classes but by then, most of them are out of the house.

Grandson #2 had a cute birthday party. Mommy made it a cowboy theme. She gave out cowboy hats, handkerchiefs and sheriff badges! But apparently he was in a punky mood all day! He HAS been a bit grouchy the past month -- so different from his usual self. I think he's frustrated because he wants to walk but hasn't figured it out yet.

Grandson #1, who has some natural gymnastics ability, doesn't like to listen to instruction. He just wants to do what he wants to do! Daddy has had to pull him out of class a few times.

Grandson #3 has finally gotten his digestive problems under control. But it's costing Mommy and Daddy a little extra $ for the formula. And, the kid is gaining weight and length! He looks really long to me. Maybe we'll have someone with a little height in this family!

I just love those little guys!