Monday, August 07, 2017

Burn! Jane lights the flame.

This is Jane.  She is six.  On this night we were celebrating her brother Vincent's 10th birthday at a restaurant in Sarasota.  Her dad was trying to get her to eat (she ordered salmon and buttered noodles). She was giving him a hard time.

"You're not my real father!" she yells (he was at the other end of the table).
We all start chuckling.
"God is my father!" she says, pointing to the ceiling.
After some more back and forth, she let loose with this burn:

"God is always with me, unlike you, because you're always leaving me!" (Her dad does wrestling and MMA announcing and often travels).

The whole table gasped and broke out in "Oooooh, burn!" I guess her dad needed some salve after that!

(I'll confess, one of my first thoughts is ... "That's what happens when you send your kids to a Baptist day care!")