Saturday, December 30, 2006

Grandson -- phone Nee Nee

I am sitting in a room on the West Coast when my cell phone goes off. I checked the number and saw it was my daughter-in-law. So I answered, "Hello" and heard a "Hi Nee Nee." At first I thought it was my granddaughter, but my daughter-in-law quickly informed me it was Grandson. I was so surprised. He just recently started calling me by my name (well, he says it Nay Nay, but it's close enough for me). Apparently, he was missing me and Boppa, so Mommy dialed us up to talk. Of course, I had to talk to Granddaughter too.

It's funny how Grandson has suddenly become attached to me. It's just been in the last two weeks. He hasn't been feeling well (he had Fifth Disease) and so I've been holding him a lot more. He now brings his books to me to read and when he's tired, he comes to me to be held. He just relaxes and I feel his little body just "crash" and I know he's asleep.

He was not a happy camper when I told him bye-bye on Christmas. Almost broke my heart to hear him cry and know I wouldn't see him again until the 4th.

Well, I hope someday he's big enough and his mom is brave enough to let them travel with us. Then we won't have to have phone calls to bring us together.

Christmas at Nee Nee's

Because of the various forms of family, my children, spouses and grandchildren celebrate Christmas several times throughout the holidays. Son & his family have Christmas on Christmas Eve with wife's family. But the next day is when most of it happens.

Each family has its own Christmas at their own homes when they first get up. Son has 3 children, Daughter #1 has two children, and Daughter #2 currently has no children at home, but will have two by next year. Then, around 8:00 a.m. they all meet at their father's house and exchange gifts with their little (half) sisters (okay, not so little now). Then around 10:00 they all come to my house and I serve the traditional brunch of "moon eggs" (creamed eggs), toast, hashbrowns, sausage and cinnamon buns. After we eat, we open gifts. At that point, some crash here, some go back home and some go on to my mother's house (about a mile away). Around 3:00 we meet at my mom's and eat again (this year, just finger food) and we exchange gifts again. This year, since two families were leaving to go out of town, a few left early (including me). Usually we stay until around 9 or 10 and play games, particularly cards. I don't like to play cards ... and really don't care for games too much. I pondered why because I used to LOVE to play any games (although I hate to lose). But I realized that it started about the time I started teaching. I think I enjoy just putting my brain in neutral. I have to be on my toes and thinking so much for my job that I rarely have time to just sit and veg. So when I do, I don't want to gear up again. Not that the others don't have challenges in their jobs ... but I just have a hard time relaxing.

So anyway, I kissed the grandkids good-bye because I won't see them again until Jan. 4 (going out of town). But I know they had a good Christmas.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Pitter Patter of Little Feet

We've been pretty brave the last few weeks -- hosting all the grandchildren (available) to us. The three little ones have been over a couple times and today, we had four of the five (the fifth being in Tennessee). The worst part was that 1 Year old Grandson had broken out with Fifth Disease (rash) and was not his usual smiling self. After he fell asleep in my arms (unusual in itself), he slept about 90 minutes. Then when he woke up, he wanted me to hold him (highly unusual). So Boppa mostly took care of the 3 month old and then 10 year old Grandson took care of the 2 year old Granddaughter (when needed, which was mostly putting on her shoes).

But today I found out that #1) I will be getting a 12 year old Grandson and then #2) another bio is on its way! Yes, my #3 child, Daughter #2, is expecting and will be marrying her sweetheart in Mar. or April. Man, I'm racking up the grandkids, aren't I?

But I love it ... and who knows ... this may be it. Daughter #2 says she's only having one. Daughter #1 said she MIGHT have another, but isn't sure. It's quite expensive these days for day care. I just wish I were retired so I could help out. But I have 9 1/2 more years to go!

Well, that's it for Nee Nee's house today. Tune in on Friday after our Christmas Hay Ride!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Christmas Parade

Yesterday, we took Granddaughter and Grandson #1 to the city's Santa parade. It was warm and a little muggy. We parked ourselves in some shade near the beginning of the route about 15 minutes prior to the start.

We had other little ones around us. When the parade first started, Granddaughter was none too happy about the sirens and the motorcycles. She kept her fingers in her ears most of the time.

Many of the floats and other participants gave out candy and beads. At first, we made the kids stay on the sidewalk with us, but it wasn't long before other -- bigger -- kids (including some adults) stood out in front (behind the parking line) and our little ones were being passed over. Finally, when some dogs came by (Animal rescue) we walked them out to the line to let them pet the dogs, and we stayed there. They got plenty of beads and some candy. They really enjoyed the parade -- and the best part was seeing Gee Gee and Pop Pop (Great Grandma and Great Grandpa) come by. Gee Gee was on a float and Pop Pop was driving a mini-car. A few minutes after they say them, we walked towards the end of the route and found the Snow Festival. We had them slide down a small snow hill. Granddaughter did fine but Grandson almost fell out! It was so crowded and they were so tired, we didn't stay for anything else. They both fell asleep in the car, but didn't stay asleep long after we got home.

Later in the evening, Baby Grandson (3 months old) came to stay for the night. So we had Camp Grandma again. Grandson #1 slept almost 13 hours! He was a very tired little boy.

And now Grandma and Grandpa are going to rest!