Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well, she only has a few more hours to be a January baby, so it looks like GRANDDAUGHTER #2 will be a FEBRUARY baby after all. Her mommy is very surprised. Apparently she was quite active today ... maybe she wants a GARNET birthstone rather than amethyst.

Boppa has had the honor of watching and escorting the big brother and big sister around this week. They are excited about their baby sister coming. Wait until they get reality! Granddaughter was only one when grandson was born, so she doesn't remember the chaos he caused! Of course, she probably could sleep through all the hubbub at the time.

2 year old grandson just got a haircut, but I haven't seen it. He always looks like such a little man right after his haircut.

Below you will see the "genius" grandbaby (the baby of the family until granddaughter #2 shows up). It really is funny how he came to have this spoon on his nose. One of his favorite shows is Yo Gabba Gabba and in the DVD I have, the "cool trick" is a boy of about 8 balancing a spoon on his nose. So when we took him to our favorite breakfast place (Cracker Barrel), he grabbed the spoon and immediately held it to his nose like he'd seen on the DVD! And of course because we laughed, he had to do it over and over again. He looks a big sleepy in this photo ... it isn't "lazy eye."

My next entry will probably be when Granddaughter #2 makes her entrance into the world.

"Cool tricks! Cool tricks!"

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Christmas Traditions

Every family has its own family traditions. Here are ours:

1. Each family wakes up and opens gifts for their own immediate family at home.
2. My three children take their spouses and their children to see their grandfather (my ex-husband), and open gifts with him and their two other aunts (my children's half-sisters).
3. The three families then migrate to my house, where I serve brunch. Included is ALWAYS what our family calls "Moon eggs," which is basically Eggs Goldenrod.
4. Before we eat brunch, we open gifts from me and my husband.
5. Everyone departs to his/her own house and the children take naps (ha!)
6. The three families, plus me and my spouse, my sister and her husband, my single brother, my married brother and his family all go to my mother and father's house (about one mile south of me).
7. We eat finger foods.
8. We open gifts from Gee Gee and Pop Pop and all the great uncles and aunt and 2nd cousins. (And my nieces open gifts from me and hubby).
9. We play "Steal the gift" which consists of this. Each of is given a number. On the table are a corresponding number of wrapped gifts (just little baubles my mother has picked up during the year). Starting with #1, we choose a gift. Then #2 chooses to either "steal" the gift #1 got, or choose a different gift. (Remember, we don't know what they are). If a gift is stolen, then that person gets to choose another one. This goes on until everyone has gotten a gift. This year, I ended up with a plastic plate with my favorite college team's logo on it. But that's because someone "stole" the one I originally got -- which was a plate with my most hated college team's logo on it! Thank goodness!
10. We then sit around and talk.
11. More food.

And that's our Christmas.

See above for photographic proof!

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