Thursday, September 21, 2017

Kids say the darndest things

Me:  What do you want for breakfast?
April:  4 sausages and 9 pancakes.
Me:  I don't think you can eat 9 pancakes.
April:  Okay.  Make me one pancake and cut it in nine pieces.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Burn! Jane lights the flame.

This is Jane.  She is six.  On this night we were celebrating her brother Vincent's 10th birthday at a restaurant in Sarasota.  Her dad was trying to get her to eat (she ordered salmon and buttered noodles). She was giving him a hard time.

"You're not my real father!" she yells (he was at the other end of the table).
We all start chuckling.
"God is my father!" she says, pointing to the ceiling.
After some more back and forth, she let loose with this burn:

"God is always with me, unlike you, because you're always leaving me!" (Her dad does wrestling and MMA announcing and often travels).

The whole table gasped and broke out in "Oooooh, burn!" I guess her dad needed some salve after that!

(I'll confess, one of my first thoughts is ... "That's what happens when you send your kids to a Baptist day care!")

Saturday, May 20, 2017

More photos of grandkid fun

Jacob and me at Universal.

The girls' cheerleading squad

April loves her big brother.

After the hair cut.

Jane thanks God for her dessert!

Vincent eats a cannoli.

April found a painted rock!

Vincent takes a nap.

Jane fakes a play at t-ball.

April eats lemon cake after a hair cut.

Cool hand Jake.

After picking blueberries.

Proud moments

Alex hits his first home run on our 24th anniversary!

Vincent is chosen for safety patrol.

The problem with fries

Alex's last baseball game of the season. They won 7-6. While we were there, I bought fries for the girls to share. At the end of the game, Alicia came up to me whining. "I only got one fry. April got the rest." April turns to me, opens her eyes wide, and says, "Whoops!"

Friday, May 19, 2017

Cute saying 5-19-16

Paul sees Jane outside.
Jane: I'm in jail.
Paul: Why are you in jail?
Jane: For stealing onions.
Paul: Why did you steal onions?
Jane: To keep people away from me!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Summer time!

An advantage to being a teacher is the 10 week break we get at the end of the school year [ I don't call it a "vacation" because we aren't paid during that time].  That means time with the grandkids.  This year we've spent several days at Adventure Island, the water park across from Busch Gardens in Tampa.  Usually my son goes with us, but we did venture out one day without him.

This seems to be the boys' favorite activity (besides trying to drown each other). Jumping from lily pad to lilypad.  This is "Tater".

Tater is also the only grandkid brave enough to jump off the high cliff.  Well, Fearless wants to but I won't let him unless a parent is there.

Here's Boppa and Tater (he's the one upside down).  The lagoon pools are great for swimming because a large part of the pool is shallow enough for them to stand.

Here's the youngest grandson taking one of the big people's slides.  He's pretty fearless.

This is my son with his three.

Before we go off for the day, we spray well with sunscreen.

JT is always there to help.  This is in the wave pool.

JT again.  The first time we brought him here, he refused to go down the slide by himself and he wore his life jacket.  Now he'll go down on his own without a jacket.

"Fearless" jumps off the low cliff.

JT jumps off the low cliff, too.  This is the first day I'd let them try it.

Boppa walks the boys through the Lazy River.  They like to hit the jets on the side which pushes them quickly through (and sometimes puts them under).
Here's Uncle Bumbo at his favorite spot -- which we call Big Bucket.  Tater and JT are there with him, but who knows where Fearless went?

After one of our visits, we hit Mel's Hot Dogs in Tampa.

Worn out.

See, JT even helps Fearless while sleeping.

This is our usual lunch -- peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

JT surprised us all by eating a barbecue chicken wing.

The girls had a sleepover.  This was Cupcake's first sleepover with her older girl cousins.  She was so excited.

First we have makeovers.

She got a little carried away with the lipstick.

Next come the pedicures.

I popped in to take this photo after lights out.  Look who's still wide awake!

The next morning, we hit the beach.  Here are two water babies.

Building a sand castle is a must.

"Rolling in the deep" is what this is called.

Diddles caught a baby angelfish.  We let it go a few minutes later.
After the beach, we headed home all smiles.  Well, maybe not Cupcake.

One day we took four of them to the beach. It was a perfect day!  Warm but a nice breeze and the water was just right.
Tater has swim gloves that look like shark fins.

They're trying to figure out how to use a snorkel.

Digging a hole ... because ...

Of course, if the girls have a sleepover, the boys have to have one, too.  
This was supposed to be their "normal" faces.  

We made two videos of them dancing.  Here they are watching them.  

Another project we had was to plant a butterfly garden.  Here's Diddles watering our finished garden.

A week later we find Cupcake helping to water the plants.

Boppa and I have four days to get ready for our annual Beach Week.  That's always fun (and a little exhausting) but as the grandkids get older, it gets easier.  Making memories along the way.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Busy Week

Last week was a busy one for a busy grandma!  Friday we started off with a VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten) graduation for our 5th grandchild, April.

Here she is with the teachers.  

The next day, we went to our 9 year old's flag football game.  It was to secure a spot in the playoffs.  They won 43-0.

He sure looks like he's enjoying himself!

Saturday night I hosted two granddaughters overnight.  Here they are watching Frozen for the 100th time.
They only lasted for about half the movie.

Sunday we spent most of the day at the baseball field for the 7 year old's baseball tournament.  It took three games, but they won!  And best of all, Jacob hit in the winning run for the second game.  He was a hero!

Here's the team celebrating their championship.

Sunday evening, our 18 year old grandson's extended family met at a restaurant for a graduation celebration!  

Here's Aidan with his five siblings.  Three from his mom, two from his dad.  He's a darn good big brother.

Monday was the actual graduation. He graduated with many honors.  He is going to the University of Florida. 
Have you ever seen anyone with so many decorations around his neck?

Tuesday, I took some comp time and snuck out to see my oldest granddaughter win two awards for a play that she was in.  She won the "Lamp of Learning" award for knowing the most about her character (based on an historical figure) and the "Breakout Performance" award.  She was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress (but didn't win).

Here's the future Oscar winner!

After a jam-packed weekend, this grandma still had to attend her own school's graduation Tuesday night and then wrap up school on Wednesday.  Time for a much needed rest ...

Until Saturday morning, when Alex has a championship flag football game!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A LIttle Birdie Told Me

My son has become a birder.  As a result, my grandchildren have become mini-birders.  One of the activities they engage in is the spring and fall migrant bird count.  Last spring, I decided I would tag along and see what all the excitement was about.

We arrived at a park in Dunedin, Florida at about 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning.

The Audubon Society approves this research project.

My son leads his three children deep into the park.

Along the way, we spotted this huge spider web.

We finally reached the canopy where the master birder has set up his instruments.  He measures and weighs each bird they catch, identifies the species and the sex, then bands it.  The notations about the birds are entered in a book of record.

A lot of the birds captured this day were little warblers, like this one.

After all the measuring and identification, he hands off the bird to a spectator who holds it until it flies free.  This is my oldest granddaughter holding a bird.

Another but larger bird.

The birder uses an identification guide to help the kids figure out what kind of bird they've captured.

Another warbler.  I never realized how colorful our song birds were.

This is a black and white warbler.

Two barred owls heard all the chirping of the captured birds and flew over to see what was up.  

Probably the biggest bird caught was this catbird.

I was given the privilege of holding that bird for release.  Instead, it snuggled right down into my hands and took its time before flying away.

A familiar sight -- a male cardinal.

Here, one of the volunteers removes a bird from the misting net.

My 4 year old granddaughter holds the cloth bag that the bird will be slipped into once it is extricated.

The master birder points out some coloration to my granddaughter.

This was a small woodpecker that was captured.

As we left the park, we spotted a hummingbird nest with this hummingbird flying in to check on it.  It's a little hard to spot but you can see its wings on the center branch. We would never have seen the next if we hadn't seen the hummingbird.

It was a long morning and it wiped out the little one.  

I thoroughly enjoyed the morning.  It was great to see the kids out in nature, enjoying themselves but also learning by experience as well as by books.  They learn about the birds, for sure, but also how to classify and why it's important to respect the natural world.