Saturday, February 02, 2013

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My cousin (Mom's side)
R.I.P. UNCLE LEE. MY Heart goes out to the All of you who have a little piece of your heart gone. You were LOVED & RESPECTED GREATLY. You will be MISSED.... even MORE ♥ Hugs to All My Family ♥ ♥ ♥
Oldest Daughter
I have my very own angel in heaven watching over me now.....I love you more than I could have ever told you Pop Pop.....Jake and I will be looking for you in the sky
Dedicated to a great man, my grandfather, .... Rest in peace grandpa. Love you!

Youngest daughter
My Grandpa

My children's father
My ex father-in-law passed this afternoon. A good man, husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, Navy man. From the "Greatest Generation".......and he was. Love you dad.
My daughter-in-law (who just lost her own grandfather Jan. 7)
You will be missed greatly. We love you Pop Pop!
My son-in-law
The world lost a true Gentleman today..., your quiet strength will be missed... #PopPop
My cousin (related on my mom's side)

It's hard to see the sun, when clouds are in your eye's... Today is a sad day, we have lost a loved member of our family. Our Uncle Lee has gone to heaven today... He has touched the lives of many, shown us what a husband and father should be. A mam among men with a firm hand and a kind heart.I have seen him laugh that brought tears from his eyes, he could tell a story like no other, Always had an answer, and a great smile under his handle bar moustache that he proudly wore. He could fix anything, or it wasn't broken... Yes Unle Lee, you will be missed, and you were loved by all ! R.I.P. Uncle Lee 

His sister (my cousin)'s response to the above post

Very well said ...
Uncle Lee has left this world a better place for all of us....
Send my my love to all who have gone before us.


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